There's things I have done, things I'm not proud of

—Alexander confessing his wrongs

Alexander Morrison
Name Alexander Morrison
Race Superhuman Normal
Age 24
Gender Male
Height 6'1"
Weight 189 lbs
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Destroyers
Previous Occupation Hunter

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During Alexander time as part of the Second Destroyers, he wore black combat boots, dark pants with a brown belt that tilted down left and a small pouch attacked at the back. He also wore black, fingerless gloves with dark grey cuffs that had zippers on the outsides. Along with this he wore a Destroyers jacket that was dark grey in color with black cuffs that he typically had pushed up to right below his elbows and kept zipped up. Rather then having the circular rings in the collar like the other Destroyers, he had one located on the outside of his arm.

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Combat Prowess:

  • Unarmed Combat:
  • Expert Precision and Marksmanship: Alexander is able to throw different manners of projectile objects with deadly surgical accuracy but does know how to improvise. His marksmanship is remarkable as he is highly proficient in handling various firearms with ease and doesn't tend to miss

Physical Prowess: As a Superhuman Normal, Alexander possesses all the enhanced abilities of a Twilight without any of the drawbacks or weaknesses aside from increased aggression. His abilities, however, are considered to exceed those of most Twilights and is noted to have been the strongest of the Destroyers. He has been able to come out on top in most of the fights he has been in and rarely shows himself to struggle in battle, winning most of his fights with such ease it's as if he was merely toying with his opponent. He has been defeated before during their first fight though Alexander later admitted that it was because he had been holding back as during their second fight, he defeated them with only mediocre effort. This is because Alexander simply holds back greatly against those who are in theory stronger then him, and in the end defeats them without any signs of difficulty. However, when his opponents prove themselves to be worthy adversaries that Alexander becomes serious

  • Enhanced Strength: While Alexander doesn't have the same muscular build as Galahad and Arnold, he
  • Enhanced Speed and Stamina:
  • Enhanced Agility and Reflexes:
  • Enhanced Durability and Endurance:
  • Healing Factor: An unique ability of Alexander is that he is capable of

High Pain Tolerance:

Intelligence: Though many might tease and joke about Alexanders head being empty, he is quite smart

Cooking: On several cases, Alexander has made food whether for himself or others and has earned praise for his cooking skills

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  • Throwing Knifes:

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